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forbesvyncke is a joint venture company between Forbes Marshall India and Vyncke, Harelbeke, Belgium. Forbes Vyncke brings together a combined experience of over 160 years in Steam Engineering, Process Efficiency, Combustion Technology, Boiler Construction and Control Regulation.

At forbesvyncke we are focused on bringing our people, expertise and knowledge in combustion technology to make solid fuel an efficient and clean source of energy. It is one of the ways we believe our actions as a company with a global outlook reflects our responsibility towards efficient energy utilization, management and conservation.

Energy   Environment   Efficiency

Meeting the needs of our clients remains our primary priority.

Step one is always to be able to deliver a solution that gives stable and reliable energy through a flexible  array of energy mediums in the form of steam, hot water, hot gas, electricity or a combination of mediums.

Creating the process heat is performed by a dynamic combustion system able to burn a diverse set of biomass, process waste and fossil fuels all on the same system. So you have flexibility to choose the fuels you burn.


How we manage our energy today will determine the world we live in tomorrow.

Forbes Vyncke''s diverse portfolio of solid fuel and industrial waste combustion is changing the way we manage energy needs for our customers.

The Environment, being one of the major challenges faced, we build energy plants with lowest emission standards and reduced carbon foot print.



At Forbes Vyncke, we aim to design plants that deliver maximum satisfaction and return on investment for our clients.

For us, this means building Energy Plants that deliver the highest efficiency available, and to  build intelligently designs so that the efficiency of the plant remains at its peak with minimum maintenence costs.

Thus with the lowest cost of ownership and operations, you can enjoy continued savings throughout the lifetime of your installation.